Mobycon Visits California, USA

 Founder and CEO Johan Diepens at LinkedIn headquarters discussing mobility options

Founder and CEO Johan Diepens at LinkedIn headquarters discussing mobility options

Mobycon founder and CEO Johan Diepens, together with the Dutch Cycling Embassy, visited California to better understand how one of the most forward thinking states is innovating to create more bicycle friendly cities, and to see how the Dutch approach could be applied.

Adapting the Dutch approach to cities in California is not new for Mobycon. Just two years ago, Davis, CA installed one of the first protected intersections in the U.S. together with Mobycon.

The group’s knowledge exchange tour visited Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Francisco and Silicon Valley, meeting with city councilors, cycling advocates, planners, students and of course companies like LinkedIn along the way. The visit consisted of presentations, a public forum, a round table discussion and cycling. 

Throughout the tour, a range of topics were discussed. While safety emerged as the number one theme of discussion there was also significant interest in infrastructure design, bike share concepts, bike parking, wayfinding and the financing of bicycle facilities. 

Addressing safety, Johan spoke to a missing element in many of these communities: slower streets and safer shared spaces. Diepens grew up in the City of Delft in Holland’s first “woonerf”. Later Diepens went on to work extensively with Hans Monderman, the father of Shared Space, to test and implement some of the shared space concepts that have inspired this international design technique founded in the Netherlands. For the over 30 years, Johan has worked to continue this legacy of designing slower streets that effectively create public space and improve traffic safety for all road users. 

For more information on Mobycon’s tour to California, please contact Mary Embry at m.embry@mobycon.com


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