Introducing Streetsketch

In our work, we are often involved in facilitating discussions between governments and citizens about street design, and on how to provide a safe space for people cycling. Both parties often cannot meet on common ground which often leads to active modes being forgotten or not being given the space that is needed. We believed we needed a tool that would allow engineers, civil servants and citizens to communicate more easily, which led us to develop Streetsketch.

Streetsketch is based on an American open source tool called Streetmix, which allows for rapid prototyping of street designs by letting you drag & drop elements into cross-sections. Streetsketch includes a wide range of street elements focused on active modes like for example brick paving, bicycle streets and shared space. In addition, Streetsketch works on the basis of the Dutch guidelines for street design (CROW), visualizing when street elements might either be too wide or too narrow, thereby providing a proven basis for safe street design.

You can now use Streetsketch to:

  • Create a common design language between engineers and citizens
  • Facilitate meaningful interaction during consultation processes
  • Empower communities to contribute to the conversation
  • Improve street design by delivering better outcomes for active modes
  • Rapidly prototype designs within set boundaries

Try using Streetsketch yourself via http://streetsketch.mobycon.com or contact the Streetsketch team via streetsketch@mobycon.nl to discuss how we can help you in using Streetsketch in your organisation. Want to stay updated on Streetsketch developments? Follow @Streetsketch_ on Twitter for the latest news and weekly street highlights.


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