Traffic Safety

The Netherlands has an outstanding road safety position in the world. Our multidisciplinary consultants can rely on a wide range of national and international experience. We work in projects that create road safety interventions, with infrastructural and behavioural measures. We often pay special attention to vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

The design of safe bicycle lanes requires extra attention. The Netherlands has about 30.000 km of bicycle lanes, of which approximately 5000 km are adjacent to car lanes. Designing these safe bicycle lanes and cross roads is often a customized process; Mobycon has wide experience of fitting in bicycle routes, even where there is not much space available.

Apart from creating safe designs, it is also very important to educate and inform road users about the behaviour desired. We have experience with setting up marketing campaigns aimed at increasing traffic safety. We have also developed educational programmes for schoolchildren (and their parents) to improve safety on the way to and from school. 

Our services include:

  •  road safety (action) programmes
  •  accident analysis
  •  design of safe infrastructure (including shared space and road safety audits)
  •  educational programmes and measures
  •  lectures, excursions, workshops and coaching 




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