In the past ten years, we have gained a lot of experience in the field of parking. This experience does not only include parking related surveys and parking policies, but also the implementation of parking policies, advising on parking administration and parking management as well as monitoring parking policies. We are familiar with every step in the policy process and combine this knowledge when advising our clients on practical solutions for their problems.

The practical solutions are characterized by our integral approach: we do not merely zoom in on traffic engineering aspects, but also incorporate the financial, communicational and organizational effects.

This approach results in a set of specific products and services:      

Surveys, Fieldwork, Analysis and Monitoring

  •   parking capacity utilization survey
  •   parking pattern measurement
  •   willingness to pay survey
  •   client satisfaction survey
  •   dynamic parking balance tool
  •   parking dashboard (Finance monitoring) 

Policy making

  •   parking vision and parking policy plans
  •   financial feasibility studies
  •   parking standards systematics
  •   solving parking problems in residential areas


  •   implementation of parking policy and measures
  •   tendering parking management and parking equipment 


  •   parking managers
  •   financial and organizational scan parking management
  •   contract management



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