Freight Transport

Being a Dutch company, we are located at the centre of one of Europe’s most dynamic transport regions. We are surrounded by several large transport hubs, such as the Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam Airport. Over the years, we have built a strong record of advising local, regional, national and European authorities on freight transport and logistics issues.

Our services can be split into the following domains:

  • Policy: traffic and transport plans, freight transport forecasting, traffic safety for freight transport, truck parking
  • Technical: modal choice, analysis of bottlenecks, ICT applications (traffic management, mobile communication, e-freight)
  • Economics: feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, economic impact
  • Monitoring and evaluation: regional trend watching, ex-ante and ex-post evaluation studies
  • Pilot projects: setting up, guidance and evaluation of pilot projects and programmes
  • Communication: creation of support/acceptance, dissemination activities
  • Subsidy: assisting private and public parties in the freight and logistics sector in getting national or European funding for innovative projects 

We often work together with renowned universities and consultancy companies both nationally and internationally, as well as with shippers, forwarders and transport companies. We also have good relationships with relevant branch organisations in the Netherlands (TLN, EVO, Dinalog) and Europe (ESC, EIA, UIRR, etc.).



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