Shared Space

Public space is defined as the space to which all users have access. It is the common space where people drive and travel, meet and stay. Mobycon distinguishes itself from other traffic consultancy companies in this vision. We see public space as more than just the road: to us, it covers the space from building line to building line. In addition to ‘regular’ street design, we implement the ‘shared space’ concept for the design of streets and public space. In this concept, the separation between different road users often seen in present street schemes is replaced by a single, merged public space. The same amounts of traffic can flow through it, while traffic behaviour is adapted towards a more social and community based situation. 

This multi-disciplinary view is reflected in the close cooperation between our traffic engineers and urban designers in the process of designing road schemes. By combining both disciplines, we are able to provide communities with a multi-focused streetscape. Whether cycling to the grocery store, driving to work, walking the dog or testing your new skateboard, our design schemes take your needs into account. This approach often leads to unconventional and out-of-the-box solutions with highly valued results for accessibility, liveability and traffic safety.

We provide the following services:

  •       Evaluation of existing shared space designs
  •       Informational presentations on the shared space concept
  •       Design and redesign of streetscapes




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