Traffic safety

Traffic Safety Audit and Plan Scania Factory Zwolle (The Netherlands)

Client and question: The Scania factory in Zwolle produces 60 percent of all Scania trucks in Europe. On the factory grounds, over 140 trucks per day are build and stored. Together with delivery of supplies and employee travel, there was a high volume of motorised traffic on the factory grounds.
Result: Mobycon reviewed the different traffic flows and reorganised them to be more efficient. At the same time, the new plan focused on traffic safety for cyclists and pedestrians. The result is that the factory grounds allow for safe movement of people and motorised vehicles without hindering the production activity.

SAFECYCLE, the Intelligent Bicycle Initiative (European Union)

The SAFECYCLE project is an innovative approach to investigating how ICT can be used to increase cyclists’ safety. It is complimentary to the Intelligent Car Initiative. The main goals of the project are:

  • To identify e-safety applications that will enhance the safety of cyclists in Europe.
  • To create knowledge and awareness concerning e-safety applications for cycling.
  • To speed up the adaptation of e-safety applications in cycling.

At present we are working on Work Package 4: To assess the impact of e-safety innovations/applications for cyclists on traffic safety.

Eleven promising e-safety applications have been chosen and for each one the impact on traffic safety for cyclists will be identified. With respect to safety impacts, effects are expected directly from increasing the safety for cyclists and indirectly by reducing car traffic. However, the focus will be attended to direct impacts, both by e-safety applications for the cyclists, and e-safety applications for cars, which are focussed on the safety of cyclists.

The chosen applications are:

Individual Speed Adaptation

Countdown Traffic Light (also with rain sensor)
Light Lane Bicycle
Traffic Eye Zurich
Bicycle Braking Light
Route planner Gent
Citizens Connect

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