Freight Transport


Client and question: The European Commission, DG MOVE, wishes to promote co-modal transport by improving the flow of information across transport chains.

Result: A consortium, led by BMT (UK), addressed the issue by developing and demonstrating suitable intermodal transport solutions in a range of business cases (demonstrators). The project supports the complex service integration into integrated transport chains, for which the so-called Freightwise Framework was developed. Within the project Mobycon was responsible for the validation of the FREIGHTWISE Framework, including SWOT analysis and impact assessment. In addition, Mobycon developed and applied a common evaluation methodology that was applied across all business cases. 

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Safety Scan: towards a safer and more environmentally friendly freight transport in the Eastern Netherlands

Client and question: The Dutch Ministry of Transport and Environment, together with the Province of Overijssel and the region ‘Stadsregio Arnhem Nijmegen’ wish to increase the safety of road freight transport. Together with TLN, a Dutch transport association, Mobycon organised a series of company visits to companies with trucks and/or vans, during which a risk assessment was carried out. 

Result: A total of around 50 companies were visited by either Mobycon or TLN. Based on the outcome of the risk assessment, recommendations were made in the areas of driver behaviour, the vehicle and the management of the company.

More information: safetyscan (only in Dutch)

Urban distribution profile Gouda (The Netherlands)

Client and question: The City of Gouda wished to have good insight into the urban distribution patterns and the liveability of the city. 

Result: Mobycon carried out a license plate research in order to get insight into the distribution routes of trucks entering the city as well as drafting an urban distribution profile for the city centre. The result was a good overview of the urban distribution patterns and the liveability of the city.

More information: gouda-laat-bevoorradingsprofiel-opstellen


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