OV4U (The Netherlands)

OV4U (public transport for you) is a curriculum we have developed for primary school children from 10 to12 years old. They learn about public transport and they practise using it together. Collaboration with experts led to a balanced set of OV4U lessons across the themes ‘exploring – planning – acting’. Based on the success of the first version, we now also have a version for students in special education. 

Results: Our surveys show that after the lessons, the image of public transport improved amongst the pupils. And they intend to increase their public transport travel. Their parents are also enthusiastic. 

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Public Transport Ambassadors Province of Overijssel (The Netherlands)  

Client & Question: Nowadays in the Netherlands, most bus stops and train stations are designed to be as accessible to as many people as possible. This makes public transport a serious option for the more elderly. Nevertheless, not all the elderly are open to the possibilities or know of the options they have. The province of Overijssel was looking for a way to inform and motivate this target group for Public Transport. 

Results: In this pilot project we developed an educational manual and trained Public Transport Ambassadors. We also supported the promotion of these Ambassadors in the Province.

Cycle Training Strategy in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Client and question: Cycling is a crucial part of the transport system and culture in the Netherlands. For men and women, for young, middle-aged and old, for the rich and for the poor, for the masses, but also for various aldermen, ministers and even our queens and princesses. Several people from non-cycling countries coming to live in cities like Amsterdam have started to cycle. This is easier said then done for many adults. That is why the Netherlands has a history of cycle training, i.e. for immigrant and refugee women and also traffic safety cycling programs for children.

Result: For the city of Amsterdam, we developed a Cycle Training Strategy with three different scenarios. Each scenario targeted adults and schoolchildren, focusing on capacity building for community centres and schools, facilitating these local groups to deliver courses in a more professional manner.

An important element of the strategy is the training of cycle trainers. As part of the project, a pilot training session for 25 local female cycle trainers of different ethnic backgrounds was carried out.


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