Mobility Management / Transportation Demand Management

"The traffic company," in Dutch “De Verkeersonderneming,” Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Client and Question: "De Verkeersonderneming" is a joint project initiated between the municipality of Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Metropolitan Region, the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management and the Port of Rotterdam Authority. The goal of this cooperation is to ensure accessibility to the A15 highway during the widening of this highway and the building activities on the Rotterdam Maasvlakte 2, developing a port basin directly on the sea. We as Mobycon are complementing this cooperation project by advising on how to keep this busy corridor accessible.

Result: Mobycon consultant Arnold Helfrich was hired as project leader, to successfully develop mobility management in the municipality of Rotterdam.

More information can be found (in Dutch only)

Back office "Operation Accessibility," in Dutch “Offensief Bereikbaarheid,” (The Netherlands)

Client and Question: Operation Accessibility is a project initiated by the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen to develop better mobility management. The central line of thinking that best reflects the mentality involved is ‘use a car when needed, but use alternatives where possible’. We as Mobycon were asked to organize and run the back office for this project.

Result: More than one hundred partners were recruited that are now actively involved in improving the accessibility of the region Arnhem-Nijmegen. We offer them a set of tailor-made tools to achieve this goal. This set is very diverse: it contains tools like registration systems for bicycles or multimodal travel information screens on location.

Travel Plan Plus (European Union)

Client and Question: Travel Plan Plus stands for ‘Travel Reduction Attainment via Energy Efficient Localities PLANning’. This European project (IEE) aimed to promote energy efficiency across the EU by creating four Local Travel Plan Networks in representative locations (Spain, UK, Sweden and Hungary) and by promoting their use more widely.

Result: The TRAVEL PLAN PLUS project resulted in two workable reports aiming to provide useful insights and guidelines for future implementers of travel plan networks: Recommendations for Policy Makers and A Practical Guide to Implementation. Both documents can be downloaded from the project website. Furthermore, a distance learning short course was developed. This short course was developed for anyone involved in or interested in learning more about Local Travel Plan Networks.

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