Johan Diepens

“As consultants, we want to help our clients get somewhere. We get involved in the process. When our job is done, something has been chosen and the change can be seen out on the street.”

For more than 25 years, Johan has helped shape mobility patterns in Holland. He combines expertise in traffic, transport and mobility with sound business sense. By watching changing trends, Johan is able to provide advice that fits the needs of changing societies. It is his ambition to share knowledge in a way that suits the local context. For this reason, Johan believes strongly is working with partners internationally. 

Johan leads his company in designing integral traffic and transportation plans, supporting policy-making in these areas and undertaking the research upon which solid ideas can be built. Johan is the creator of an innovative demand-responsive transportation system for the elderly and disabled that is used throughout Holland. Working on traffic safety and mobility issues, he has been involved in a number of projects sponsored by the European Commission. Johan helped pioneer the star analysis method for developing cycling networks in collaboration with the Technical University in Delft. In the areas of traffic and urbanism, Johan has extensive experience teaching post-graduate education courses, and he is a regular speaker at international conferences, including the annual Velo-City Conference sponsored by the European Cyclists’ Federation. Most recently, he helped developed an innovative series of bicycle planning master classes, which he has brought to cities across Canada. The Kickstand Sessions were developed in partnership with the Danish Design Firm, Copenhagenize and combine the best Dutch and Danish ideas on making cities more livable. 

Johan studied economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam and has a bachelor’s degree in traffic engineering from the International College in Breda. 

As a child, Johan lived in the neighborhood in Delft where the very first woonerf (home zone) was developed. Thus, Johan has spent his whole life immersed in the Dutch tradition of planning for people first. He is working to share this approach to planning around Europe and around the world.




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