Otto Cazemier

“The strength of a solution lies in the tools you have as a planner and the way you combine them.”

As Director of Mobycon, Otto is leading the company toward a future where home, work and the store are connected through integrated and sustainable modes of transportation. Otto understands affecting mobility means affecting the lives of many. His approach is always to begin by listening to all stakeholders involved. After, he uses what he has learned to develop a strategy that aligns the interests of all parties and will lead to positive results. 
Consulting in the fields of mobility and transportation, Otto concentrates on public transport, small-scale transport and targeted transport for students and the elderly. Otto has special expertise in demand responsive transport systems. He was involved in developing Regio Taxi, which provides mobility to the elderly. He also works at the international level on European Commission projects. Early in his career, Otto worked in marketing at a public transport company during the time when the industry was beginning to value customer feedback. This formative experience has made Otto a more dynamic consultant who is expert at providing all manner of services from feasibility studies to marketing plans to implementation and evaluation. Otto has a master’s degree in social and economic geography. 
As a manager, Otto supports colleagues so they may reach their full potential. He believes employees who feel satisfaction in their jobs are better able to provide high-quality work to clients. 
Otto has always had a strong interest in transportation and enjoys combining this interest with his interest in cycling. Otto has ventured all over Europe and North America on his bike and also enjoys testing his endurance with skiing and skating.




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