Ronald Jorna

“I am always looking for ways to apply innovative ideas practically.”

For more than 20 years, Ronald has been working on European Commission projects, which has enabled him to indulge his curiosity through research while simultaneously putting new ideas into practice in the business world. Ronald focuses on the use of ICT in freight transport, because he believes intelligent freight systems contribute to more efficient and sustainable operations. Ronald has also begun applying his knowledge about ICT to the cycling world. He specialises in passenger transportation, mobility management, incident management and other topics related to transportation. 
Quantifying the real benefits of embracing new technology is one area in which Ronald excels. For instance, calculating the amount of mileage truckers could save with intelligent systems to convince operators the investment is worthwhile. People enjoy working with Ronald because of the pragmatism and precision he brings to each project. Ronald is well qualified to work in all areas of transport economics having earned a master’s degree in econometrics from University of Groningen, with a specialisation in marketing research. 
Ronald lives according to the same principles he promotes through his work. As a committed user of public transport and an enthusiastic cyclist, Ronald enjoys traveling in a way that is environmentally sound, takes pressure off the road system and is simply more fun.




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