Angela van der Kloof

“I enjoy creating synergy between people’s physical movement and their mental movement.”

Angela is focused on stimulating behaviour change in mobility patterns. She enjoys challenging people to think differently, as she learned to do more than 20 years ago when she began teaching immigrant women to cycle. Understanding the fundamental way mobility affected the lives of the women she was teaching, Angela began to see the bike as a tool to stimulate participation and interaction in society and create an environment that is social and accessible for all. 

As a project leader, Angela focuses on the areas of cycling, traffic safety education, communications and marketing. She advises clients in developing policy and programming. Angela developed a series of train-the-trainer sessions for cycling, which she has been teaching in The Netherlands for more than 15 years. She is the initiator of a successful project called “Cycle friends – sharing cycling as a lifestyle” in which enthusiastic cyclists support beginner cyclists through riding together. Most recently, Angela has been traveling the world teaching the “Kickstand Sessions,” a master class in bicycle policy and planning, which is aimed at planners, engineers and others interested in liveable communities. In her work, she is always drawing upon her educational background. Angela earned a master’s degree in the human geography of developing countries from the University of Nijmegen and a bachelor’s degree in education, with a speciality in geography and economics from Tilburg Catholic College.

Like many people in The Netherlands, Angela uses her bike to move through her day. She enjoys the easy pace that cycling affords her and the chance to look in shop windows, meet her neighbours and observe the seasonal changes in the parks and gardens of her city.




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