Dick van veen

Dick van Veen

“What kind of world do we want to live in? How can we as designers make that world a reality?”

All of Dick’s work is based on the belief that design should be used to preserve public space and encourage human interaction. As a designer for city planning and traffic engineering, Dick is an expert at creative solutions that fit their context and make use of the space available, while also giving all road users access and prioritizing vulnerable users. 
Dick is experienced in creating car and bike parking and bringing traffic types together in harmony through retrofitting streets and developing Shared Space projects for Dutch cities. He works with municipalities and regions in Holland and abroad. Most recently, Dick has been giving design advice to Canadian cities building new bike infrastructure. Internationally, Dick has teaching experience in Canada, the USA, Greece and Finland. Through these design workshops, Dick has helped train city planners and traffic engineers in bicycle planning. Dick has a master’s degree in architecture and a master’s degree in civil engineering with a speciality in transportation and planning, both earned from the Technical University in Delft. 
Always up for an adventure, Dick keeps active when not at work through skiing, sailing or just riding around town on his cargo bike with his three kids. They are one more reason that he believes so strongly in safe roads.




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