Alex Roedoe

“Greater mobility gives greater meaning to daily life.”

Alex’s speciality is in shaping space to accommodate not only traffic and transport, but the public sphere as well. His knowledge is broad but his advice is always precise and strategic. Alex works for municipalities creating spatial plans and undertaking traffic advisory studies. 
Translating theoretical ideas into reality - through for example, designing a road according to the principles of Sustainable Safety - is what Alex most enjoys about his work. Alex has been at Mobycon since 1998. He is a strong leader at the company serving as a member of the management team and mentoring younger colleagues. Alex manages the spatial planning knowledge area and helps the company keep up on trends. Alex studied civil engineering at Technical University of Delft, specialising in traffic. 
When not at work, Alex likes being out on his bike making good use of the streets that he helps design. He takes pride in connecting people through physical infrastructure because he understands how fundamental road systems are in encouraging the social interactions that make our daily lives rich and our societies functional.




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