Bicycling is a sustainable, healthy and cost effective mode of transport. We have a vast amount of national and international experience in this field. Our basis is a good understanding and knowledge of cycling in the Netherlands, added to international knowledge and expertise. We understand that specific local circumstances are crucial to making cycling work.

Our services include:

  •  Planning for Cycling
  •  Bicycle Networks
  •  Safe Design Solutions
  •  Bicycle Parking Solutions and Planning

Knowledge sharing, training and promotion of bicycling:

     1.  Lectures, excursions, workshops and coaching

     2.  Study Tours in Netherlands

Read more about the Study Tours here.


     3.  Discover Dutch Cycling Naviki page

The 'Discover Dutch Cycling' Naviki page is targeted toward people interested in cycling as transport. It provides users with opportunities for focused tours across the Netherlands that showcase best practices and how they work in a variety of urban, suburban, and rural contexts (including bicycle parking, separated roundabouts, bicycle boulevards). Along your ride you will experience how safe, enjoyable and normal cycling is in the Netherlands.

Cycling references


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