Irene Janssens

“I am not afraid to make changes when things are not going according to plan.”

To keep a project running smoothly, there is no better team member than Irene. As a project assistant, Irene is capable of managing detailed work while always keeping the big picture in mind. Irene is assertive in making the judgement calls necessary to the overall success of a project. She is experienced in marketing and event planning. 
Since joining Mobycon in 2008, she has applied her excellent communication and administrative skills to a wide range of projects from organizing international conferences to arranging business trips. A recent success was working with provinces and schools on the OV4U project, which is an educational curriculum developed by Mobycon to help school children become users of public transportation. She believes in the importance of this work, because while many children are transporting by car, they still need independent mobility to develop and stay in contact with the world around them. 
Irene was trained in secretarial work and has previous experience in the field of advertising. When not working, Irene enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters and keeping active with a regime of pilates and boot camp.




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