Giorgia Berrevoets

“I am inspired to create graphics that tell a story.”

Combining creativity and practicality, Giorgia creates design solutions. She always approaches her work by first identifying the most important element a design should express and has found that the rest of the story follows. 
Since 1999, Giorgia has been helping her colleagues at Mobycon to express ideas through visuals that are interesting and accessible. She is an expert at asking the right questions at the right time. Her rigorous approach uncovers the needs of the client, the challenges of the project and the wishes of all involved. Giorgia finds inspiration walking down the street, watching films and diving into her Pinterest account. Her passion for process results in simple and readable designs. 
Giorgia graduated from the Milan Institute of European Design. Before joining Mobycon, she worked at a design firm in Italy. Giorgia not only works in the field of sustainable transportation, she chooses to use it everyday by getting around on her bike. When she is not at Mobycon, Giorgia is still designing whether it is jewelry or a culinary creation.




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