Working together across Europe and the world

Our approach to international projects is to work in partnership with others who share our view on sustainable mobility. We seek partners who can benefit from our knowledge just as we can benefit from their expertise in the local situation. The Netherlands are unique and we do not believe in simply duplicating what has been done in our own country somewhere else. Instead, we share a way of thinking that can stimulate a new solution appropriate to the context.  

We have a network of more than 100 partners in 20 countries developed through our involvement in European Union projects. Recently, we have partnered with municipalities and consultants in Canada seeking our expertise in the field of cycling. Our partners have included other consultant groups, engineering firms, universities, nonprofit organisations and others.

Mobycon consultants are experienced working internationally. The polder model lives on in Holland meaning we are good team players. We are fluent in English and other languages as well. 

If you are interested in discussing a partnership, please contact Johan Diepens


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