Quentin Freixo

“My goal is to bring the human essence to the core of all transportation systems. I want everyone to have the chance to experience great public spaces in their lives.” 

Quentin believes that the best solutions to our mobility challenges are inspired by people themselves. Originally from France, he decided to study in Canada where he earned a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from McGill University, with a concentration in environmental engineering and a focus on transportation planning, simulation and design. His pronounced interest in active transportation led him to assist transportation research during his studies - collecting and analysing traffic data from the Island of Montreal using emergent counting technologies. His strong analysis, technical and software skills were decisive in assessing the safety of active transportation in Montreal.

Upon completion of his bachelor studies, Quentin wanted to experience cycling both from his bike and through his work. He thus moved to the Netherlands, and with us at Mobycon, he is helping cities and regions in designing for active transportation, be it by developing networks, researching best practices, or engaging with stakeholders. 

In parallel and since 2013, Quentin has been following the MSc. Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics programme of Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). This programme enables him to further his knowledge in traffic management, system engineering, and Dutch infrastructure design principles. His masters’ thesis is focused on unravelling the collision avoidance behaviour of pedestrians and cyclists in shared space. He is hoping to develop a behavioural model that could help design and simulate shared spaces.

In April 2017, Quentin started working at Mobycon North America as an Integrated Mobility consultant. He is now based in Montreal.




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