Our Dutch approach safe, integrated & sustainable

Dutch roads are consistently recognized as some of the world’s safest in terms of low traffic fatalities. In fact, conditions are safe enough that almost half (49 percent) of all children cycle to primary school. At Mobycon, we employ Dutch transportation planning techniques, which means we take a proactive approach to traffic safety, integration of different modes and sustaining active transportation among a younger generation. 

Separating traffic on the basis of speed and mass, we are able to safely and comfortably accommodate pedestrians and cyclists without impeding the efficiency of traffic flow. The Dutch have been developing cycling-specific infrastructure for more than 40 years. We have experience employing innovative design approaches to calm traffic, order intersections and create complete streets accessible to all users. We also focus on network design integrating active transportation with public transportation for seamless travel. Finally, we always remember the user by creating educational curriculum and promotional campaigns meant to sustain walking, cycling and public transportation use among vulnerable target groups and ensure children keep cycling to primary school. 

Applying the Dutch approach, we are able to help communities and businesses develop sustainable mobility options so people can make the best possible travel decisions today and in the future.


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