Lars Matthijssen

"Well designed public spaces find a balance between the traffic itself and optimal quality of life."

Lars has been working at municipalities in The Netherlands for over five years. He has broad experience in traffic, transportation and mobility, including working on projects related to  parking, traffic safety for cyclists, accessibility, design of public space,  spatial planning and traffic policy. As a consultant at Mobycon, Lars continues his design work, focusing especially on parking, public space and cycling.

In his projects and work, Lars often interacts with people. He has deep insight in how traffic and public space are experienced. When designing roads, Lars puts users and their safety first. He works to develop straightforward designs where all road users, from drivers to cyclists to pedestrians, know what they can expect and what behaviour is expected from them. All solutions do not have to be physical. Lars knows some problems are best solved by communications campaigns or better enforcement of traffic laws. To find the best solution, Lars uses his skill engaging with citizens and stakeholders to find out why people experience the situation as problematic in the first place. Infrastructure, innovation and communications should be integrated into solving mobility problems in his experience.

Lars sees problems with traffic taking a greater toll with every passing year. Working in sustainable mobility allows him to contribute to the places where he works by preserving quality of life. He has a bachelor's degree in traffic engineering from the NHTV Breda University of applied sciences. 



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