Frank Bouma

 “My aim is improving public transit to the extent that it offers a good alternative to the most hardened car enthusiast.”

 Frank has many years of professional experience in public transit. After his first Master’s in 2001, he worked for a number of international government organizations. In 2008, he obtained his second Master’s (public administration) from the University of San Francisco. He started his public transit career as a policy advisor and project manager with the Amsterdam regional public transport authority and next the province of Groningen (the Netherlands) before switching over to working as an advisor for Mobycon.

 He keeps track of the stakeholders and their (sometimes conflicting) needs and knows his way in politics. His passion is improving the public transit system to the extent that it offers a viable, attractive option to the use of a private car. Furthermore, he is very interested and has expertise in sustainable mobility. Presently, his main task is working on the European project CIPTEC (Collective Innovation for Public Transport in European Cities -, researching innovations in public transit but also other business sectors that can be applied to the public transit sector to attract more customers. 

 When not working Frank enjoys visiting his friends and family in the US and Canada as much as possible, but he also enjoys hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and sailing.



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