Justin Goulding

Justin Goulding

“Transportation systems should be designed to help create the places we want, rather than forcing places to respond to the transportation system we have.”

With a background in sustainable design, Justin adheres to the philosophy that user-centered design is at the heart of building living cities and more effective mobility solutions. As a recent graduate of the MPhil in Planning, Growth, and Regeneration from the University of Cambridge, his thesis, Bicycle-centric urban design: Evaluating urban form through the eyes of a cyclist, looked to better understand how the built environment impacts cyclists’  behaviors and what this means for creating safer, more appealing infrastructure.

While living in the UK, Justin also traveled to the Netherlands and Denmark to experience their cycling infrastructure first hand. Justin strives to harness his breadth of experiences in providing a multidisciplinary approach to improving the state of sustainable mobility here in North America





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